Where/How to Get Your Copy of “Wishtree”

Pick up your copy of Wishtree from the Terryville Public Library.  The Library is currently open by appointment only, and also offering curbside pickup by the front entrance.  Schedule a visit or curbside pickup by calling 860-582-3121.

**If you are finished with your copy of “Wishtree”, you may drop it off into the Book Drop by the Library’s rear entrance (off Prospect St.). The books will be quarantined for a week before being made available for borrowing.  (This quarantine period is longer than CDC guidance suggests to ensure the safety of Library staff and our community.)

Plymouth Public Schools Wishtree Readalouds

“Wishtree” Activity (June 1 – June 28, 2020)

In “Wishtree”, Red, the narrator of the story, is a wishtree.  A wishtree collects the hopes and wishes of a community.  Each year, Red’s branches would fill with wishes from those in her community.  Share your hopes/wishes on one or more of our local wishtrees!   It’s easy to participate.  For safety, please observe appropriate social distancing during this activity.


  • Bring a pre-made tag with your written wish from home, OR
  • Bring a pencil from home and write your wish on a tag available from the box in the Veteran’s Memorial Gazebo.
  • Tie your wish to one of the yarn sleeves decorating trees in Baldwin Park.


  • Cut a strip of fabric 2”x12” or longer.
  • Write your hope/wish on the fabric strip.
  • Tie the fabric strip around a branch of the Plymouth Green Wishtree (if you see the sign, you’ve found the right tree).

After adding your wishes to the Plymouth Green Wishtree, check out this walking tour of downtown Plymouth.

Arbor Day Planting (April 24, 2020)

If you visit Baldwin Park, take a look at the new Red Oak tree that was planted by Jerry Milne of the Beautification Committee in honor of this year’s 2020 Community Read.  Red, the narrator of our “Wishtree” book, is a Red Oak tree.

You can also find a walking tour with tree information here.  Print it out before your visit to Veteran’s Memorial/Baldwin Park and spend some time”meeting” some of the other trees planted in the Park, including the “Kentucky Coffeewood”.  (According to the Tree Tour guide, this particular tree used to be the State Champion until it was blown over by a storm.  Several new trees have grown from it’s stump.)



Bristol Press Article (March 8, 2020)

Plymouth Public Schools, Terryville Library want community to come together by reading, discussing same book

Acknowledgements and Gratitude

We are incredibly grateful for the support of the following organizations:

CT Humanities

Terryville Lions Club

Rotary Club of Terryville

Zukowski Family Foundation

Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation

Fisher Elementary School PTA

Plymouth Center Elementary School PTA

Eli Terry Jr. Middle School PTA

Terryville High School PTA

Plymouth Beautification Committee

Plymouth Parks and Recreation Department

The Baldwin Family