Scholarship and Mini-grant Applications for the Phyllis Corsetti Endowment Fund Now Available

The Phyllis Corsetti Endowment Fund is administered by the Terryville Public Library Board of Directors. The fund was established in October 2015 through the generosity of Phyllis Corsetti to create an additional resource for the children of the Town of Plymouth. Ms. Corsetti, an educator who loved her teaching career and her students, was a local resident who inspired and encouraged the best qualities in a child. The Endowment allows for several scholarships and mini-grants to be disbursed within the community each year.

$500 Scholarship (deadline: 4/30):

Basic Eligibility:

  • The applicant MUST be a resident of the Town of Plymouth per the stated wishes of Ms.
    Corsetti that the money is meant for the “needs of the children of the Town of Plymouth.”
    This does not mean, however, that the applicant must attend Terryville High School. The
    applicant may attend another secondary school.
  • The applicant must be regarded “as a student in good standing” in the high school which he
    or she attends.
  • A packet of information, including the application form, student resume, two
    recommendations, a grade transcript, and the essay, is required for application

Mini-grants (deadline 4/15):
Phyllis Corsetti Endowment Fund – MINI-GRANT GUIDELINE AND PROPOSAL Part A
Phyllis Corsetti Endowment Fund – MINI-GRANT APPLICATION Part B

Please read the Grant Guidelines (Part A) in full to determine whether your project is eligible for mini-grant funding.