The Teen Scene is at the Library

Terryville Public Library has so much to offer our teen patrons. We have all of the expected teen  resources such as fantastic fiction and nonfiction books, resources to help with research papers, test prep, college prep, and career guidance. We also offer so much more! The library strives to be a hub for teens to connect with each other socially and participate in many different activities. 

Each month we offer several fun and active programs that focus on arts and crafts. These programs are a great way for teens to explore their creativity and learn new skills. We’ve hosted paint nights, jewelry making events, sewing crafts, and other activities. Teens who participate in these programs get an opportunity to  express themselves and create something unique while meeting new people.

We also have an active Anime Club. Anime Club is a popular group that meets each month where teens can gather to watch and discuss anime. Anime is a Japanese animation style that has gained popularity all over the world, and the library is the perfect place to discover new shows and meet like-minded people. It’s a great opportunity to socialize and build friendships while exploring similar interests.

We have an extensive manga and graphic novel collection. Many of the library’s manga inspired the shows that our teens watch during Anime Club. Manga are Japanese comic books that are read from right to left and cover a wide range of genres, from action and adventure to romance and drama. Graphic novels are similar to traditional comic books but often have a more complex storyline. Graphic novels and manga are super popular and we are always enhancing our collection to meet the needs of our teens.

If you find yourself looking for something to do, consider checking out the library’s teen area and teen events – you might just find your new favorite activity, learn a new skill, explore a new interest, or connect with a new person who enjoys the same things that you enjoy!

Introducing Borrow-a-Puppy

Adorable Puppies Receive Infinite Love; Found On Our Library Shelves

Libraries have always been more than a collection of books, and today, we are excited to announce that we are taking this idea to the next level. We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to check out real, live puppies!

Don’t worry if you lack experience – your Borrow-A-Puppy comes with an instruction manual, as well as all the food and poop bags you need.

We have thoroughly researched and tested our new puppy checkout system, and we are confident that it is ready to go. The feedback we have received from the community during the tests has been fantastic:

Phil R., who had been single for a long time, said, “I checked out Pup Tart, a beagle puppy from the Terryville Public Library, and it helped me break the ice with people. Now, I get a lot of attention!”

Stacy A., a mother of three, said, “My children have been begging me for a puppy for years, and being able to check out Maddie, the yellow lab, has changed their tune. They have cleaned up a lot of Maddie’s ‘gifts’ around the house, and they now realize how much work a puppy is. Thanks, Terryville Public Library!”

Karen T., who is a cat person, had this to say: “After trying out dog ownership for a week, I am still a cat person.”

To check out your own puppy, all you need is a library card.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We love puppies and take their welfare very seriously. We only allow puppies to be checked out for a limited time, and we have strict guidelines to ensure that they are well-cared for during their stay with you.  Please return puppies directly to library staff and NOT in the book drop-off.

This program modeled after a pilot program unveiled by the Jefferson County Library System in Lakewood, CO on April 1, 2019.


Also, Happy April Fool’s Day.

Scholarship and Mini-grant Applications for the Phyllis Corsetti Endowment Fund Now Available

The Phyllis Corsetti Endowment Fund is administered by the Terryville Public Library Board of Directors. The fund was established in October 2015 through the generosity of Phyllis Corsetti to create an additional resource for the children of the Town of Plymouth. Ms. Corsetti, an educator who loved her teaching career and her students, was a local resident who inspired and encouraged the best qualities in a child. The Endowment allows for several scholarships and mini-grants to be disbursed within the community each year.


Basic Eligibility:

  • The applicant MUST be a resident of the Town of Plymouth per the stated wishes of Ms. Corsetti that the money is meant for the “needs of the children of the Town of Plymouth.”  This does not mean, however, that the applicant must attend Terryville High School. The applicant may attend another secondary school.
  • The applicant must be regarded “as a student in good standing” in the high school which he or she attends.
  • A packet of information, including the application form, student resume, two recommendations, a grade transcript, and the essay, is required for application.

Applications must be completed and submitted to the Terryville Public Library Board of Trustees at the Terryville Public Library or  Terryville High School Guidance Office, no later than Tuesday, April 30, 2024.  Follow the link below to download the Scholarship application.



Basic Eligibility:

The following grant guidelines apply to applications for mini-grants from the Phyllis Corsetti Endowment Fund:

  • The organizations of the program for which funding is requested must provide a educational, recreational or enrichment experience to children, ages 0-18, of the Town of Plymouth. Strong documentation of such must also be provided by area groups or agencies that serve individuals from the town. Such requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • The Phyllis Corsetti Endowment Fund advocates a practice of non-discrimination.
  • Repeat requests from groups or agencies are certainly welcome. However, due to the nature of annual funding, we can not necessarily guarantee a year-to-year grant.
  • Follow-up reports from all grants must be completed and returned to the Library Board of Trustees within 30 days of the activity or the agency will not be eligible for consideration of future funding.

The following projects not generally funded by the Phyllis Corsetti Endowment Fund include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Operating/budget deficits
  • Day-to-day operating expenses
  • Previously incurred obligations
  • Endowments, research, political and/or lobbying activities
  • Property repairs/maintenance
  • Loans and memorials
  • Replacement of governmental or other public funding
  • Fundraising events

Review the complete mini-grant guidelines to ensure your proposal meets all requirements.

Applications must be completed and submitted to the Terryville Public Library Board of Trustees no later than Monday, April 15, 2024.

Phyllis Corsetti Endowment Fund – MINI-GRANT GUIDELINE AND PROPOSAL Part A

Phyllis Corsetti Endowment Fund – MINI-GRANT APPLICATION Part B (including Final Report/Follow-up Narrative Form)


The Palace e-Reader App is Live!

After a short delay, it’s finally go time on Palace, the e-reader app that makes accessing and checking out our eBooks and eAudiobooks easier than ever! We chose to go with Palace for a few reasons. The most important is that it was developed by librarians for libraries.  And because it was developed by a library, there are features that other e-reading apps just don’t have (one big one is how much patron privacy is protected).

The Palace Project - The People's Palace

We think you’re going to love using it, too. Here’s how to get going with the Palace app:

First, go to your app store and search for Palace.  (The Palace App isn’t yet available on the Kindle.)

Here’s the link for Google Play

Or for the Apple App Store

Once you’ve downloaded the app, choose “Terryville Public Library” from the list. You will immediately have access to the Palace collection – a collection of both classics, and modern materials available to anyone, even without a library card.

But if you have a library card, you’ll also get access to much of the Terryville Public Library’s eBook collections as well. After you choose a book, click “get” to check it out. You’ll be prompted to enter your barcode or username/and PIN.

Once you’re signed in, you’ll be able to check out books and audiobooks in just a few clicks.

Have cards from more than one library? That’s absolutely fine! You can add more accounts under Settings.

Check out this YouTube video for more information on how to navigate the app – we can’t wait for you to try Palace!

Museum Pass Program: Your Ticket to Arts and Culture

The Terryville Public Library’s Museum Pass program is your low-cost entry to art, culture and entertainment.  Check out a museum pass from the Terryville Public Library and receive free or discounted admission to certain museums, zoos and other attractions. Each institution’s pass is different; details regarding specific offers and usage instructions will be listed in the catalog.

Museum passes may be borrowed for 3 days and are restricted to Plymouth residents.  Only one pass can be borrowed by an adult Terryville Library Card holder at any one time.  Passes are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so call 860-582-3121 to check availability.  Each museum pass offers different benefits, so check out our Museum Passes webpage to learn about specific offers and usage instructions.

In addition, many museums offer FREE admission as a matter of course, including Ballard Institute of Puppetry (Storrs, CT), Submarine Force Museum and U.S.S. Nautilus (Groton, CT), and Yale Center for British Art (New Haven, CT) and more.  Be sure to skim the whole Museum Passes page to learn of additional discounts that may be available to you.

Museum Passes are made available through the generous support of the Friends of the Terryville Public Library.

Passport to CT Libraries Is Back!

The Passport to CT Libraries is back after a hiatus due to COVID-19 and the Terryville Public Library will be part of this program.  It is based on the CT Wine Trail Passport program.  Patrons register at a participating library where they will receive a passport.  Patrons visit participating libraries across the state to get their passports stamped and receive a token gift.

The program runs from April 1st to April 30th.  Participants are eligible to win gift card prizes in two drawings 1) visiting at least 5 different participating libraries – one winner for adults and one winner for children and 2) the most libraries visited – again, one winner for adults and one winner for children.

Passports must be submitted to the registering library by April 30th (a copy is acceptable if participants want to keep their passport).  Keep an eye out for signs and more information.  We hope our patrons will participate!

A Library of What?!

As part of our CreationStation Makerspace, we are pleased to host a newly established Seed Library!

“What’s a seed library, you might ask?”

A seed library is a place where community members can get seeds for free and is run for the public benefit.  Many public libraries offer seed libraries.  Our goal is to encourage you to garden, grow your own food, and preserve some of the seeds from your harvest to develop a sustainable collection of locally adapted varieties.  Seed saving is something that humans have done for over 10,000 years.

As our seed library is just starting out, we’re asking Terryville Public Library cardholders to limit their request to not more than 8 seed packets of free seeds for heirloom vegetables and/or flowers.  Grow the plants in your garden.  Enjoy the bounty and harvest seeds from a portion of your crop and return them to the Seed Library to be shared with others next year!  For a list of the seeds we currently have available, please visit the CreationStation Library Makerspace page and click on “Seed Library”.

Still developing your green thumb?  We’re hosting a number of gardening programs in the coming months to increase your confidence.

We are holding two programs in early March on Seed Starting.  This is timed just right for most vegetables and herbs for our area.  At these programs, you’ll not only learn more about the nitty gritty of seed starting, you’ll leave the program with a selection of vegetable seeds started!   Visit our Event Calendar for more information on the dates and times of our Seed Library programs.  Please note that new programs continue to be added.

While we call attention to our Seed Library, we also want to help raise awareness of the Park and Recreation Department’s long-standing Community Gardens program.  Community members are invited to lease a garden plot for the growing season.  There is on-site access to water and the cost is very reasonable.  There are a limited number of garden plots, so please express your interest early.  Register online or call the Mayor’s Office at 860-585-4001 for more information.


Corsetti Scholarship and Mini-Grant Award Winners Are Announced

The Library Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that several local residents have each been awarded a $1,000 scholarship for their post-secondary studies.  Alaina Ehmer, Nadia Rapp, and Kahiona Senior demonstrated excellence in academic and extracurricular pursuits.  All students actively volunteered within the community and the Library Board is pleased to recognize their achievement with the Corsetti Endowment Fund Scholarship.

Two local programs were also recognized as recipients of the Corsetti Endowment Mini-Grants.   The Family Resource Center was awarded $1,800 to purchase outside playground equipment and a new preschool table.  The Library Board of Trustees has also awarded a $3,000 mini-grant to a Terryville High School educator to purchase equipment to expand the capacity of their digital media classes.

The Phyllis Corsetti Endowment Fund is administered by the Terryville Public Library Board of Trustees. The fund was established in October 2015 through the generosity of Phyllis Corsetti to create an additional resource for the children of the Town of Plymouth. Ms. Corsetti, an educator who loved her teaching career and her students, was a local resident who inspired and encouraged the best qualities in a child. The Endowment allows for several scholarships and mini-grants to be disbursed within the community each year.

Children’s Librarian Jessica Archambault Chosen for Nutmeg Book Award Committee

Our Children’s Librarian, Ms. Jessica, has been chosen as a representative on the 2023 Intermediate Selection Committee!  Beginning in January, Ms. Jessica with be helping to compile the list of 10 nominees for the 2023 Intermediate Nutmeg Book Award.

The Nutmeg Book award is a Connecticut book award that encourages children in grades 2-12 to read quality literature and chose their favorite from a list of nominees. There are four division to this award, Elementary (grades 2-3); Intermediate (grades 4-6); Middle School (grades 7-8); and High School (grades 9-12).

This award is jointly sponsored by the Connecticut Library Association (CLA) and the Connecticut Association of School Librarians (CASL). In May of each year the nominees for the following year are announced.

To see the nominees for 2021, visit To learn more about the Nutmeg Book Award and see past nominees and winners, visit

Updated Directory of Local Preschool Programs Now Available for Families


2021 Preschool Directory

The Plymouth Early Childhood Council is pleased to present the updated Preschool Directory.  The information in this guide was obtained through a questionnaire sent to local preschools that serve Plymouth students. The information provided in this guide was supplied by representatives of each included preschool site.  The Plymouth Early Childhood Council does not promote or recommend any preschool or preschool program. We hope that this guide will be of assistance in helping you make an informed preschool choice.

Please call the individual preschools for further information.


The mission of the Early Childhood Council is to ensure that all of Plymouth’s children (ages birth to eight) are healthy, safe, and successful.

The Plymouth Early Childhood Council (website / Facebook) originally began as an informal network of early childhood education and care providers to network, brainstorm and collaborate, but has subsequently grown into a collaborative table of various community representatives who recognize the value of supporting and growing the early childhood education and care agenda in Plymouth.