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Other Excellent Online Resources

American Archive of Public Broadcasting – A collaboration between Library of Congress and WBZG in Boston, this resource provides unprecedented access to approximately 40,000 hours of radio and TV programs selected by more than 100 public broadcasting stations nationwide.  Programs date from 1940s to the 21st century, covering a wide range of subjects, including news, literature, education, author interviews and more.  New material is added regularly.

Climate Change and Human Health Literature Portal – Created by the United States’ National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, this site offers unprecedented access to climate- and health-related literature (peer reviewed and gray) published between 2007 and 2023.

C-SPAN Video Library – A stellar and comprehensive video library that houses all of C-SPAN’s content from 1987 through 2017, including congressional hearings, White House daily briefings, commencement speeches, and interviews.  Videos are accompanied by full transcripts; dates, locations and timestamps for each clip are clearly marked.

Curationist – This platform features 4.4million works from open-access collections of museums and archives.  Content is added regularly.

First Folios Compared – This offers unprecedented access to various versions of Mr. WIlliam Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories & Tragedies.

The GDELT Project – This site contains a quarter-billion georeferenced records, and the underlying data is updated every 15 minutes.  Users can discover textual and visual narratives across world media.

The Lens – The Lens is a powerful and incredibly useful tool to explore 225 million scholarly works, 127 million global patent records and 370 million patent sequences.

LinkedPeople – This site draws information and images from Wikidata to build detailed family trees.

Marble – Created by the University of Notre Dame, Marble digitizes paintings, photographs, sculptures, texts, drawings, toys and other materials from the Snite Museum of Arts, Rare Books & Special Collection, and the University Archives.

National Conference of State Legislatures: Research and Policy – The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), a bipartisan organization serving U.S. law and policymakers, provides objective, fact- and evidence-based research across 1,400-plus issue areas, including agriculture, budget and taxes, education, health care, immigration, and more.

Open Corporates – This resource compiles data (such as registered address, directors and jurisdiction) on millions of companies all over the world.

Open Knowledge Maps – This open-source search engine for scientific knowledge provides users with a visual map of their results, making it easier to identify relevant content and concepts.

Who Owned Slaves in Congress? – This database lists every member of Congress who ever enslaved people.  The list is searchable by name, and users can filter by state.

WolframAlpha – This wide-ranging ready reference tool provides access to a phenomenal amount of data and information through simple natural language or math input when entering specific queries.

World Radio Map – Listing AM/FM radio stations by their broadcasting frequencies, this site allows users to tune in from their computer or mobile-device.