Daytime Discussions

Meets VIRTUALLY the third Monday of each month at 10:30am (unless noted).

Next meeting:
    **October 19, 2020 at 1:00pm at the Lake Winfield Gazebo**

October’s Selection:  “Last Bus to Wisdom” by Ivan Doig

“Donal Cameron is being raised by his grandmother, the cook at the legendary Double W ranch in Ivan Doig’s beloved Two Medicine Country of the Montana Rockies, a landscape that gives full rein to an eleven-year-old’s imagination. But when Gram has to have surgery for “female trouble” in the summer of 1951, all she can think to do is to ship Donal off to her sister in faraway Manitowoc, Wisconsin. There Donal is in for a rude surprise: Aunt Kate-bossy, opinionated, argumentative, and tyrannical-is nothing like her sister. She henpecks her good-natured husband, Herman the German, and Donal can’t seem to get on her good side either. After one contretemps too many, Kate packs him back to the authorities in Montana on the next Greyhound. But as it turns out, Donal isn’t traveling solo: Herman the German has decided to fly the coop with him. In the immortal American tradition, the pair light out for the territory together, meeting a classic Doigian ensemble of characters and having rollicking misadventures along the way.”

Pick up your copy at the Circulation Desk. Generally, large print and audiobooks are also available.  Click here for more information.

November’s Selection:  “Beautiful Ruins” by Jess Walter

December’s Selection: “The Dutch House” by Ann Patchett