Get a Library Card

All Plymouth residents can get a temporary library card to access our digital resources by calling the library at 860-582-3121 or
e-mailing your request to Temporary cards are valid for 3 months.

To get a traditional library card, which will provide access to our digital resources and allow you to borrow physical materials from the library, visit the library in person with your photo ID and a document with your current mailing address on it.  Terryville Public Library cards are only available to residents of Terryville, Plymouth and Pequabuck.  Your card will expire, but can be renewed quickly during a library visit.

Loan Periods
  • New Books ~ 14 Days
  • New Movies ~ 3 Days
  • Regular Fiction and Non-Fiction ~ 21 Days
  • Regular Movies ~ 7 Days
  • Magazines ~ 14 Days
  • Museum Passes ~ 3 Days
  • Launchpads ~ 14 Days
  • Wonderbooks ~ 14 Days
  • Juvenile Holiday Books ~ 14 Days