Library Makerspace Naming Contest!

The Terryville Public Library is developing a Library Makerspace, but we need your help to give it a fun name that may incorporate some historic or cultural aspect of the Town of Plymouth.  Plymouth was a manufacturing town, where clocks, toys, springs, locks and many other items were made. We had, and still have, factory buildings where innovation and production were the keys to progress. Our town, like many others, was deeply impacted by the events of the Revolutionary and Civil War. From among our residents, we have celebrated the accomplishments of Dorence Atwater, David Gordon Cooper, Betsey Johnson, and Ted Knight – to name just a few!

Consider the history, success and promise of our Town as you create a cool name for our new library Makerspace!

To spark your creativity, here are the names of makerspaces, community- or library-based, that are already in existence. Use these names to help you brainstorm, but avoid duplicating them!

The Bubbler                                        Innovation Space                                       EDHub
Fab Lab Hub                                       T|E|A Room                                                Hub & Spoke
LaunchSpace                                      Maker Village                                              Factory Two LLP
The Forge                                            Synergy Mill                                                VectorSpace
HackerLab                                          Moonlighter FabLab                                  STEMspace
Squidwrench                                      Omega Hub

So, put on your “thinking caps” and submit your ideas to the Library! The contest winner will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card. Each person may submit up to two entries. E-mail your submission to by Wednesday, March 31, 2021 and include your name, mailing address and e-mail address. You may also drop off your ideas to the Library Director at the Terryville Public Library.

Click here for the complete rules and guidelines.

The Terryville Public Library Makerspace will be an inclusive community space that supports individual learning and creation through direct instruction and peer/intergenerational collaboration.


8/21/2020 Makerspace Meetup Powerpoint Presentation (.pdf) Agenda (.pdf) Recording (YouTube)
9/08/2020 Minutes PENDING (.pdf) Agenda (.pdf) Recording (YouTube)

1/11/2021 Library Makerspace Survey – SURVEY LINK


Community Engagement – This committee will identify ways to survey what the community wants and expects from their community Makerspace.  They will also help identify a volunteer corps of mentors, teachers, and helpers willing to share their knowledge and skill with others. This committee will also facilitate the Makerspace Naming Contest and plan for the Grand Opening of the Makerspace.

9/29/2020 Agenda (.pdf) Minutes (.pdf)
1/14/2021 Agenda (.pdf) Minutes (.pdf) Recording (YouTube)

Workspace – This committee will be focused on assessing the physical space that will be dedicated to the Makerspace and making recommendations for data ports, electrical outlets, furniture and storage, and the functional layout of the space. This committee will be in regular communication with the Library Director and the Equipment, Tools and Materials Committee.  May involve some on-site visits and physical assistance safely moving existing furniture.

Equipment, Tools and Supplies – This committee’s work will be focused on prioritizing the equipment, tools and materials that the Makerspace will seek for year 1, year 2, and beyond. This committee will review input gathered by the Community Engagement committee to assist in decision-making. This committee will work closely with the Library Director and the Workspace Committee.

Equipment, Tools, and Supplies – BRAINSTORMING SPREADSHEET


Fundraising – This committee will focused on finding sources for funding, conducting outreach to businesses and organizations to solicit sponsorships of specific equipment, tools and/or work stations, and assisting with grant-writing efforts. This committee will be working closely with the Library Director, with input from the Equipment, Tools and Supplies and Workspace committees.


2/16/21  Terryville Public Library continues to survey residents on planned makerspace (Bristol Press)
8/28/2020 Terryville Public Library receives strong support, moves forward with makerspace (Bristol Press)
8/11/2020 Terryville library reschedules virtual meeting about established markerspaces (Bristol Press)
8/7/2020 Terryville Public Library wants to create a makerspace (Bristol Press)

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