What’s a Seed Library?

A Seed Library is a place where community members can get seeds for free and is run for the public benefit.  While our seed library is in place to support gardening and grow-your-own-food, seed libraries are also important for developing a network of seed savers, to create locally adapted varieties, to respond proactively to climate change or loss of gene integrity due to GMOs and to preserve genetic diversity.

How does it work?

1.  Browse our Seed Inventory and make a plan for your garden.
2.  Select seeds from our collection.  You may take up to 8 packets of seeds from the Seed Library or package and label a larger variety of individual seeds (take up to 5 seeds for every one plant you’ve planned to grow) in the provided coin envelopes.
3.  Check out the seeds by filling out the Seed Library Log.  The binder is located in the top cabinet.
4.  Plant and enjoy.  Share photos of your harvest with us and any recipes you found particularly enjoyable and we may feature them on our website or social media.
If you wish, you may also:
5.  Save seeds from any extra yield you may produce and return a portion to the Library to be shared with others.

Gardening Programs

Watch our calendar for upcoming gardening programs.

Plymouth Community Garden

The Plymouth Parks and Recreation Department coordinates a local Community Garden.  Register for a garden plot online or call the Mayor’s Office at 860-585-4001 for more information.

The Community Garden is located in the Industrial Park at 24 Gear Drive, Terryville, CT 06786.  There is water available on site.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where is the Seed Library located?

The Seed Library is located in our CreationStation Makerspace on the upper level of the Library.  Look for the vibrantly decorated cabinet or ask staff for assistance.  The Library is organized by plant type – herb, flowers (annual), flowers (perennial), vegetables, and ornamentals and in alphabetical order within each category.

Do I need a library card?

We ask that all CreationStation users have a library card from their hometown Library.

Does it cost anything?

There is no cost to borrow from the Seed Library.

Where do we get the seeds?

We receive donations from Baker Creek Heirloom, Seed Savers Exchange, Turtle Tree Seed Initiative, Select Seeds, and Burpee.  We are most fortunate when our patrons can save locally grown and collected seeds to donate back to us.

How do I donate seeds to the Library?

Please provide as much information as you can about the seeds before bringing them in and giving them to the Reference Librarian.

The seeds I picked didn’t sprout.  Why is this?

Our seeds come from many sources. We hope all seeds donated to the library are viable, but we cannot guarantee that they are.  Please share your experience with library staff and we may be able to do a sprout test.

Am I required to return seeds and/or participate in seed saving?