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Cool Mixtures and Magical Potions (Virtual Event)

Join Ms. Claudia from Cool-ology for an exciting event via zoom! You name it, we can concoct it! Children will make their own versions of slime, play-doh, silly putty, super balls and much, much more using safe, everyday household items. They learn the basics about atoms, molecules and elements and how they interact while concocting some cool mixtures and magical potions! This program is for children aged 6-12. Please note that you will need to acquire your own materials prior to the program.

*Registration has closed.  Check our May 5th event with Cool-ology here!

See the list of materials needed here.

Note: Please do not copy, reuse, redistribute, or share the list of materials without permission of Cool-ology.

Name that Tune! (Virtual Event)

Name that Tune! is a fun interactive game that’s a spin on a classic game of another name.  Instead of letters and numbers used in the classic, the caller, or “DJ”, in this case, plays a sample of well-known or popular songs from the 60’s through today and the player must find that song on their digital or printed game card!  In this creative adaptation of the remix, DJ Justin will use the Zoom platform to lead participants in several interactive rounds.  Play from your couch or your porch, just remember to practice safe social distancing!

Please register HERE.